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There are many different types of transcription services companies because of the various needs of clients. Some prefer to use a specific transcription service company, such as doctors and health care facilities, because they need a medical transcription services company. Lawyers need to have the service of a company that deals with legal transcription services. Fortunately TranscriptionCompanies.info is your one-stop shopping site because we have an extensive list of transcription services available.


These include:
- Audio
- Video
- Medical Transcription
- Legal Transcription
- Academic Transcription
- Podcast Transcription
- Focus Group Transcription
- Market Research Transcription
- Voice Mail Transcription
- Speech Transcription
This is not a full list but it will give you a good overview of the fact that we offer full services for all your transcription needs.

Why choose us over other transcription services companies

Our clients repeatedly come back to use because of the extent of accuracy we provide in the transcriptions. We employ transcribers from all over the world so that we cater to different language needs in transcription services companies. Our editors do meticulous work in ensuring that there are no errors in the finished document. We combine expertise and experience to bring you only the best in a transcription service company.

Some reasons to use transcription services companies

  1. In conferences and group discussions it is impossible to remember or write down everything you hear. This is one of the most frequent orders that we receive because the participants don’t want to miss a minute of anything that takes place. When you know that you will have a text transcription of the event then you can sit back and enjoy the conference.
  2. Transcription services companies are of great benefit to those who have a hearing impairment. This applies to anything from meetings to class lectures. With the transcription you have everything you need to study the information in-depth at a later date.
  3. Text transcriptions are often brought to bear on clearing up later misunderstandings, such as in telephone orders.
  4. Interview transcriptions enable the human resources personnel to choose the best person for the job.

Don’t rely on your memory or notes. Place an order with TranscriptionCompnaies.info now!