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How General Transcription Services Work

The economy and the development of technology have changed the way in which businesses and organizations work. Instead of hiring transcription personnel and investing in technology they now outsource the work to general transcription companies. This saves them time and money in that they don’t have to do the work nor pay a regular wage to personnel. Plus, the cost of using a general transcription company is relatively cheap. This is where TranscriptionCompanies.info comes into play. We are one such company but we go further than general transcription. We offer legal, medical and business transcription using qualified professionals from all sectors of the economy.


The difference between us and general transcription companies

General transcription companies do not have the trained personnel capable of handling transcriptions that contain any terminology specific to a sector of industry, such as medicine or law. In effect these are simply typing companies that transcribe from audio or video. While we are a general transcription company, we go beyond simply typing the text for you. Some of the ways in which TranscriptionCompanies.info is different are:

  • We have the technology to take care of any background noises that interferes with the conversations
  • We can transcribe from television or radio interviews
  • We transcribe speeches
  • We take care of voice mail and telephone conversations that you have recorded

How to place an order with our general transcription companies

We have a very seamless way in which you can place your order. You choose the service you want, tell us the duration of the audio or video and the number of speakers that are on the recording. You also tell us when you need to receive the text document because this will determine the cost. Same day turnaround is naturally more expensive than standard time frames. When you make payment all you have to do is browse to the file on your computer and upload it to our server.

When we receive the file we preview it to determine the best transcriber to assign to your project. The transcriber goes to work and when the text is complete an editor checks it for accuracy. Then you receive the finished document in an email.

As you can see ordering from our general transcription companies is a simplified process. Send your next order to TranscriptionCompanies.info!